The Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) Global Consultation

Dola N. Oluoch of Chemchemi Ya Ukweli participated in The Women Peacemakers Program (WPP) Global Consultation on “Gender & Militarism: Analyzing the Links to Strategize for Peace”, This Global Consultation was characterized by a lot of informed discussions, creative thinking, and energetic strategizing. It brought together almost 70 activists and academics from over 25 countries to discuss and analyze the links between gender & militarism. The Consultation took place from July 2-4 in Cape Town, South Africa.

During the Consultation, WPP launched its annual May 24 Pack on “Gender and Militarism: Analyzing the Links to Strategize for Peace”, comprising of 23 articles written by academics, activists and civil society representatives from different parts of the world, approaching gender & militarism from multiple perspectives. The outcomes of both the Consultation and the May 24 Pack will contribute to broadening the current Women, Peace and Security agenda, including UN Security Council Resolution 1325.

Quotes from participants

This was a necessary and critical meeting that has brought up a lot issues but has also given us the opportunity to go further in thinking about what each of us can do in our work towards peace and justice, gender equality etc

So wonderful to bring together such powerful outspoken worldwide activists. We are not alone in our local struggles

Event photos