It is our great pleasure to share with you CYU’s Strategic Plan 2019–2023. This plan is the result of extensive
consultations with our staff, the Board of trustees, external stakeholders, various institutional assessments, and
external reviews that informed the organization’s approach to its work and future development. This strategic plan
is generally incremental, building on past successes, responding to current challenges while anticipating future risks.
Its target is to improve CYU’s quantity and quality of service delivery as a development actor in its areas of work.
CYU’s experience, has taught us that partnerships are essential to our success. Therefore, henceforth, CYU’s
leadership, management and staff will ensure that our partners are at the heart of all our undertakings—if they
succeed, we succeed; the reverse is equally true.
We will also constructively engage the Government of Kenya and the private sector in order to improve the
enabling environment for our stakeholder’s work and leverage on innovation for the sustainability of our results.
We welcome all our stakeholders to another momentous five years and look forward to continuing our
engagement in this exciting journey!
I want to thank our partners for their contribution to the developmentof this strategy. Equally, I wish to invite all
our partners and friends totravel with us as we begin a new phase in the life of the Trust. We willbe dedicating a
lot of time in the next month’s disseminating the corepillars of the strategy. Our hope is that our strategy becomes
yourstrategy too as we all are working on the vexing challenges of our time – accountabilityand inequality. I also
want to thank Trustees of CYU for their dedication and guidance in the process. Equally, I want to thank the staff
and the two consultants who invested invaluable technical input towards realizing this plan.

The Chairperson,

Bishop Stephen Kalunyu
Advisory Board

CYU Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023