Objective: To strengthen the capacity of county CSO’s to make meaningful contribution to county development

Even after the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010, millions of low income communities continue to face myriads of challenges in regards to public participation and good governance. Despite the constitution being entrenched with provisions ensuring bill of rights, gender balance and avenues for public participation, communities are ignorant and do not have enough information about the constitutional provisions on the county governments and how they can actively participate and benefit from this dispensation.

Women are worst affected when it comes to active participation and leadership opportunities and this affects power relations at the community level and in the long run also at higher levels in society. Youth-based civil society organizations based at the community level do not have sufficient capacities to engage communities and leaders in ensuring popular participation, democratic leadership and good governance. As part of CYU’s broad objective of developing an enlightened community taking charge of their own lives, CYU undertakes a robust community awareness and active participation in civic duties. This is done through:

  1. Peaceful Election Campaign (Voter Education, IEC material, Community outreach and public debate)
  2. Community sensitization meetings on budget making process
  3. Pre and post budget hearing meetings
  4. Simplify and publish copies of budget documents for community learning
  5. Round table meetings for policy discussions
  6. Aware through radio talk shows
  7. Constitution familiarization workshops

Expected Results 

Increased knowledge and participation of community members and groups in county governance.