Chemchemi’s Participation in International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament

To celebrate May 24 – International Women’s Day for Peace and Disarmament – the Women Peacemakers Program, in cooperation with Humanity House, organized the public event “Peace: Men & Women as Allies”.

Over 15 activists, men and women from all over the world, shared their personal story on gender sensitive active nonviolence from a masculinity perspective with a packed Humanity House.

A speech contextualizing the work on masculinity from a feminist perspective and two panel discussions, the first focusing on men and women working as allies for gender sensitive peace-building and the second highlighting the different regional contexts of working on masculinity and advancing women’s leadership within peace-building, informed the public on the theory and practices on the theme.

The evening also marked the launching of the annual WPP May 24 Publication – “Men and Women working as Partners for Gender Sensitive Active Nonviolence. Stories from the Field” by Joost Andriessen, Director Stabilization and Humanitarian Aid Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This year’s publication features the personal stories of men trained on gender sensitive active nonviolence and reflections of pioneering women peacemakers on the stories of the men.